3 - 5 kVA Range

3 kVA

5 kVA


  • Air cooled and liquid cooled Technology
  • Offering a wide comprehensive range with power output covering from 5 to 20 kVA
  • Available in 1 & 2 compact cylinder configuration
  • Most comfort, extremely robust & rugged design.
  • 500 Hours of longer lube oil change period.
  • Lowest fuel consumption in its class.
  • Meets latest emission norms.


  • Most efficient CE certified KIRLOSKAR green alternator.
  • Compact design for longer life and easier maintenance.
  • Best in class efficiency.
  • Positive Voltage built-up.
  • Special windings to reduce harmonics.
  • Electronic  AVR.
  • High circuit current capacity up to 300% ensuring controlled regulation even at variable loads.
  • Epoxy gel coating to suit various environmental conditions.

Control panel:

  • State of art engine & genset monitoring and safety system.
  • Safety control for low coolant level in radiator and high canopy temperature.
  • Compact microprocessor controller
  • All performance parameters of engine & DG set visible at one site.


  • State-of-the art Kirloskar green design.
  • Weather proof, sound proof enclosure meets latest CPCB Norms.
  • The powder coated enclosure is manufactured with high-tech CNC machines to ensure smart quality finish & life-long durability.
  • Specially designed to operate at full load, even at 50 deg C air inlet temperature.
  • Insulation material conforms to UL94HF1 class for flammability.
  • Use of zinc plating with green passivated hardware to withstand salt spray test As per ASTM B-117.

Optional features:

  • Remote monitoring.
  • Additional electrical metering.
  • Auto Mains Failure panel.
  • Cold starting aid.
  • Electronic governor.
  • Parallel operations for Genset.
  • 24V ES in lieu of 12V.
  • Special air filtration system for dusty atmosphere.
  • Facility for external agency inspection.
  • Bio diesel operations & many more.